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Term 5: Varmints


This term our topic is called ‘Varmints’. The title has been taken from a short film and story of the same name. The main learning surrounding our topic is about the Industrial Revolution and the effect it had on our country and Plymouth. We will begin our history this term by learning about what the Industrial Revolution was and when it took place. We will use our capitalising muscle to research the changes that took place in Plymouth, including how this changed the city.

During the term, we will also be learning about great inventors and inventions and having a debate about what the greatest invention was. Whilst learning about great inventors, we will learn about Isambard Kingdom Brunel and the Royal Albert Bridge he built over the River Tamar.

In science this term, we will revisit some of our previous learning about evolution and inheritance to find out how moths had to adapt in order to survive the Industrial Revolution. Mrs Jewell has also arranged for a moth trap to be delivered to school so that we can see which species of moths we have in the local area, this will feed into our learning about classification.

We have already started our art topic for the term – we are busy creating an animal collage using a range of mediums. We are looking forward to adding to it each week and will share the end results with you.

English this term will focus around writing our own short story based on the film ‘Varmints’.

In maths, we will be learning about ratio, position and direction and statistics. We will also be continuing to improve our fluency of number and rapid recall of number facts.

The homework for this term will have a maths, spelling and reading focus and will be loaded onto Dojo every Friday.

Please remember to sign your child’s reading diary at least 3 times a week.


Many thanks for your continued support;


Mrs Rolfe J


This term our School Priorities are:

Writing: Proofread for spelling and punctuation errors

- Use semi colons and colons

Maths: Multiply one digit numbers by a decimal number

Term 2: Careless Talk Costs Lives


This term we are learning all about WW2 and the effect it had on Plymouth and the surrounding areas as part of a local study. Our class book this term is ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’, which is an excellent story about children who were evacuated to Devon.  This book is going to form the basis for a large chunk of our writing this term, we will be writing a recount and including many new skills. Towards the end of the term, we will also be writing a piece of poetry based on WW2. In maths, we are going to be starting a big unit of work about fractions. We will be revising some of the Y5 skills we missed during lockdown, to ensure our understanding, before progressing onto our new Y6 skills. In art, we have started to learn about the effects we can achieve with different mediums – pastels, graphite pencils and charcoal. Over the weeks will develop these drawing skills and use them to create a final piece of WW2 inspired art. The second week of term is Science week; we will be carrying out different investigations and experiments based on light. Our history and geography this term will obviously focus on learning about WW2, the countries involved, why the war started and what impact it had on people. We will be learning about Plymouth during the blitz and what happened to the city during this time


Homework this term will continue to be loaded onto Dojo every Friday. Sometimes it will involve using Mathletics so please make sure your child knows their log on details (they should be in the front of their reading diaries) We would like the children to be reading at least 3 times a week at home, if you could help them achieve this and then sign their diaries, that would be fantastic.

We are looking forward to a busy but exciting term.


Many thanks for your continued support.


Mrs Rolfe 


Term 1: Kalahari to Cape Town


A very warm welcome to Year 6! We are in for a busy and fun packed year and I’m sure the time will just fly by. The first topic this term is all about South Africa. I’m very excited as there’s so many fascinating things to learn about. Below is just a flavour of what we will be covering.

We are going to start by learning about South Africa and the nation itself . Part of our learning will focus on the different biomes and what plants and animals live in the different areas. There are many amazing landmarks we are going to learn about such as Table Mountain and the many reserves.  We are going to learn about evolution and find out how animals on the savannahs have adapted to suit their surroundings. This will also allow us to research different animals that live in South Africa for our non-chronological reports we are going to write. We can’t learn about South Africa without researching Nelson Mandela and apartheid and will be reading ‘The Journey to Jo’burg’ to assist with this learning.

Maths this term will focus on the place value of numbers up to ten million and building on our understanding of addition and subtraction.

If you have any questions about anything at all, please ask.


Many thanks, Mrs Rolfe. 


This term our School Priorities are:

Writing: To write in the correct tense

Maths: To know our times tables and division facts.