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Term 1

Moon Zoom!

Welcome to Year One Kittiwake Class, and what an ‘out of this world’ theme we have to start us off! Your amazing children have come in with such enthusiasm and are raring to go with their learning. Despite our best efforts the transition into Year 1 can be bumpy at times for some children, so if you ever need any help or advice, please do ask or message us and we will try our very best to support you and your child with whatever you need.


  • Every day your child needs to bring in their water bottle and book bag with their Reading Diary and books.
  • PE – our PE day is Wednesday every week, and children can come to school in their PE kits on that day.
  • RWI – daily ‘Read Write Inc’ lessons will start in the 2nd full week. Please read with your child and make a note of it in their Reading Diary at least three times a week – more if you can! The total number of ‘reads’ that our class has done over the week is counted up every Friday as part of the whole school StarBook Reader challenge. The class with the highest score each week is rewarded with a special storytime with hot chocolate and biscuits!
  • Homework – homework comes home in a Yellow Homework book every Friday. Please hand in their yellow book with completed homework on the following Wednesday each week.


We are beginning by using Oliver Jeffers’ wonderful book ‘Here We Are’ to think a little about being back together in school, our amazing planet Earth, and its place in space.


English – Our first writing will be based on a simple recount of Neil Armstrong’s rocket launch at the beginning of his journey to the Moon, followed by a narrative using a lovely story about a lost alien who has crash-landed on Earth. Both types of writing will involve lots of drama, talk, artwork and imagining, with a firm focus on simple sentence structures – thinking of the words, rehearsing and saying the words aloud, writing all the words and then re-reading them. We look at sentence punctuation, leaving clear spaces between words and we’ll will definitely be using our ‘Fred fingers’ to help sound out and spell. We’ll finish with a fun week of poetry based on the Moon. We’ll also read lots and lots and lots of stories and information books together.

Maths – We’ll spend time investigating and securing early number skills – sorting groups, counting 1:1, investigating amounts, matching, finding two parts of different whole numbers and using reasoning to solve problems and explain our thoughts. There will be lots of language and vocabulary work to ensure children understand different ways to compare amounts – more than, less than, equal to, most and least. We’ll find out more about simple addition and subtraction using a variety of approaches and will start building up at fluency in learning some number facts by heart.

Theme – History and Science are the main focuses of our learning. The children will find out about the historic ‘Moon Landing’, and how people watched and celebrated all around the world, culminating with the children planning and organising their own pretend ‘Moon Landing’ Party, just like people did in 1969.  In Science the children will think about the differences between our human bodies and those of aliens we find in storybooks - our faces, body parts, and most of all, our five senses. And we might make some alien slime! Near the end of the term we will have a whole day DT project building junk model rockets and spaceships. In Music we will be thinking about the Louis Armstrong song ‘What a wonderful world’ and we’ll be playing lots of rhythm and movement games. PE learning will involve collaborative games working on our listening, throwing and catching skills. As part of our Computing learning the children will be becoming more independent logging on as well as gaining confidence with mouse skills, keyboard skills and opening different programs. In RE we will be following the unit ‘Who do Christians say made the world?’, learning about the Creation story from the Bible. The values we will be focusing on this term are Friendship  followed by Equality.


The Year One team are really looking forward to getting to know everyone and having great fun together,

                                                      Miss Stone, Mrs Jarrad and Miss Sellers



Our School Priorities for Learning                                                     TERM 1                                                               

 This term, in Year 1, we will focus on being able to:

  • Form all lower-case letters in the correct direction, starting and finishing in the right place.
  • Know by heart, or quickly work out mentally, all addition facts within ten

e.g.   5 + 5        4 + 3        7 + 1       2 + 6       3 + 5      6 + 4