We would like our school to be a sun safe school! It’s common knowledge that whilst some sun is good for us, over-exposure to UV is a serious health risk and the primary cause of skin cancer and melanoma. UV is a known carcinogen, damage from UV is accumulative and irreparable and burning as a child can dramatically increase a person’s risk of developing the disease in later life. With children spending almost half their childhood at school, where they are outdoors every day, during peak UV hours (11am – 3pm), it’s imperative to ensure that they are adequately protected from UV and understand the importance of enjoying the sun safely.

With this in mind, we encourage you to ensure children have a hat in school and bring sun cream in. We will ensure they have opportunities to apply this if needed and will also encourage children to find shade during these peak times.

-When UV Levels reach 3 or above sunscreen and sun hats are required and shade encouraged

-When UV levels reach 5 or above, limit time outdoors and/or provide shade

** Remember that UV can penetrate cloud cover and burn unprotected skin

If you wish to read more information about this then have a look at

NHS Advice

or to find out the UV rating then you can check here

UV information from the Met Office


As a school, we are working towards achieving a sun safe award! Alongside Sun Safe Schools, we are updating our sun policy. I hope you found the Sun Safe Information Booklet, that went home, helpful. We wanted to make you aware of this and give you an opportunity to see our plans. Please feel free to discuss any of it with myself, Mrs Dinham, or Mrs Blom.

Download Parent_Letter.pdf

Download Sun_Safety_Policy.pdf