Year 5

Hannah Rolfe (Small)2

Mrs Hannah Rolfe

Year 5 Class Teacher

Welcome to Year 5!

Term 6: Once Upon a Time…

The final term of Year 5. Where has the time gone? The first part of this term we will be going swimming every day – such an important life skill for where we live. The remainder of the term will be focused around Walt Disney and castles. In English, we are going to delve into the life of Walt Disney and write a biography about his life. We are also going to write our own fairy tales, which will allow us to incorporate a range of skills we have been taught during the year. In maths, we will be pricing up holidays to Walt Disney World and working out the best possible prices for visiting the attractions. We will also be using shape to help us design our own theme park according to a set of criteria.

Science this term is going to link to processes, deciding which are reversible and which aren’t and also sorting materials according to a set of guidelines.

The second part of the term is about castles. We are going to learn about the different types of castles that have been built over time (including Cinderella’s castle) and identify the features of them. We will focus our attention on the Normans and Motte and Bailey castles. We are hoping to put our learning into practice by visiting one later in the term. If time, we will use our DT skills to build our own version of the castle. During the term, we also have our class assembly, sports day and sports week along with Prize giving. It is certainly going to be very busy. Many thanks for your continued support during the year.

Mrs Rolfe

This term our School Priorities are:

Writing: Ensuring the consistent and correct use of tense throughout a piece of writing

Maths: Complete, read and interpret information in tables, including timetables.

Term 5: Marvellous Maya
This term we are learning about the Marvellous Mayan civilisation. Once we have researched who they were, we are going to create a time line to show where they appear in history. Following this, we are going to use our geography mapping skills to locate the countries they settled in and to try and find out a little about the geography of these places. During the term, we will also be learning about important historical sites and places of worship. The Maya also had some very interesting rituals and beliefs that we are going to be learning about. In writing sessions, we are going to compile all of the information we have learnt into an information text to share with you. In maths we are going to be learning about the Mayan number system. We are hoping to understand it and be able to solve some problems using it – wish us luck?. We will be continuing our learning about fractions, but also incorporating decimals and percentages.
In ICT, we are moving onto coding and will be learning how to create our own coding projects and control an avatar.
Please continue to use Mathletics and Times Tables Rockstars to support your maths learning at home, every little helps! Thank you for your continued support with hearing your child read 3 times a week.
Many thanks, Mrs Rolfe

This term our School Priorities are:
Writing: Build cohesion within and across paragraphs
Maths: Solve problems involving fractions, decimals and percentages

Term 4: Ready Steady Cook!

This term we have changed things up a bit. The class initially wanted to learn about food and a list of countries, so we have tried to combine them into this term’s topic called ‘Ready Steady Cook!’ We are going to be learning about a different country and making a dish from that particular place each week. This will be great fun and allow us many learning opportunities this term. Whilst learning about Germany, we are going to make some traditional biscuits and write some tasting notes for them. Our maths this week will centre on using our multiplication skills to calculate the correct amount of ingredients. In English, we will write some tasting notes for them. We will them move onto Italy, which will obviously involve making pizzas. We will also be improving our drawing skills by creating our own drawings of the leaning tower of Pisa. In science lessons, we are going to design and carry out an experiment to find out how we can keep our pizzas warm. Thailand will see us learning about Buddhism and cooking a traditional dish whilst a trip back home wouldn’t be complete without a trip to a fish and chip shop! In the final week, we are going to learn about some famous chefs. Maths this term will mainly focus on fractions, decimals and percentages and applying the skills to real life problems. In music lessons, we will be creating a new theme tune for the Great British Bake Off. Roll your sleeves up and get ready to join us later in the term. We will also need your skills for our homework – more information to follow! Many thanks for your support, Mrs Rolfe.

This term our School Priorities are:
Writing: Proposing changes to vocabulary, grammar and punctuation to enhance effects and clarify meaning.
Maths: Name, identify and write equivalent fractions of a given fraction, represented visually, including tenths and hundredths.

Term 3: I Have A Dream…

Term 3 already! This term we are going to be learning about a range of influential and inspirational people – past and present. It has been a hard choice with so many to choose from, but we have chosen to learn about: Martin Luther King, Tim Berners Lee, Emily Davison, Emmeline Pankhurst and Isambard Kingdom Brunel. During the term, we will be researching these people to find out why they are (or were) influential using a range of ICT skills. We are going to learn how to include hyperlinks when creating quizzes about them, whilst improving our understanding of PowerPoint. During the term, we are also hoping to learn about the countries they lived in and will be creating a travel brochure about Atlanta in the coming weeks, which is where Martin Luther King grew up. Later I the term, we will be writing our own stories and information texts. In art, we are focusing on landscapes and perspective. We will use the countries researched as the stimulus for our art work. Our science skills will focus around life cycles and being able to make comparisons between them. We are going to focus on those of a mammal, bird and amphibian to begin with. During maths sessions, we will be looking at a range of areas including: division, the translation and rotation of shapes, decimals and finally problem solving. This term, we will also be organising a Peapod.
Many thanks for your continued support, Mrs Rolfe

This term our School Priorities are:
Writing: Use knowledge of root words and spelling patterns to improve spelling
Maths: Solve problems involving multiplication and division

Term 2: Goosebumps

This term the class have chosen to learn about things that go bump in the night, religious festivals and other unexplained phenomenon.
The first area we are going to research is Halloween. We are going to use our capitalising skills to answer the questions ‘Why do we celebrate Halloween?’ and ‘How do other countries celebrate Halloween?’ This will allow us to cover some of our geography skills, which focus on locating places on a map and naming major cities and countries. We will be learning how to write setting and character descriptions, and how vocabulary can help create a mood or a feeling. In art we are going to create 3D pictures using a range of mediums. Following this, we are going to learn about the ‘Day of the Dead’ festival celebrated in Mexico. We are going to find out how the festival is celebrated and then make our own bracelets. Towards the end of this section, we are going to create a piece of art work using a technique called ‘pointillism’. The Disney film ‘Coco’ is going to be the stimulus for our writing. Next on the list is UFO’s, where we will be learning about Roswell and learning the difference between primary and secondary sources of information. As Christmas approaches, we will be turning our attention to Scrooge and learning how to improve our letter writing skills. Maths this term is centred around addition and subtraction and learning how to apply these skills to a range of real life problems.
Many thanks for your continued support, Mrs Rolfe

This term our School Priorities are:
Writing: Use commas to separate clauses in my writing
Maths: Add and subtract numbers mentally

Term 1: It’s The Hard Knock Life

A warm welcome to Year 5, we are in for a busy and fun packed year. The class have decided to learn about the Victorians and have made a good start.

We have started the topic by creating a timeline to find out when the Victorian era took place. Following this, we have learnt about the Industrial Revolution and its importance. In the coming weeks, we will be deepening our understanding of Queen Victoria I and the Royal family, life in the Workhouses, comparing our diet to the Victorian times and learning about Victorian inventions. In art lessons, the class are going to improve their ability to draw portraits. We will be looking at Queen Victoria and Dr Barnardo and using a range of mediums to create portraits of them. This term, our maths is based around numbers and the number system. The children will be working with numbers up to 1,ooo,ooo and learning how to read, write and order them. All of our writing will be topic based. We have started the term by learning about diaries and are in the process of writing our own. Later in the term we will be creating fact files, information texts and writing the opening to a film sequence.

Many thanks, Mrs Rolfe

This term our School Priorities are:

Writing: To improve our joined-up handwriting.

Maths: To learn our times tables up to 12×12.