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Year 4

Emma Cox

Mrs Emma Cox

Year 4 Class Teacher

Welcome to Year 4!

Term 2 – Art Attack

This term, the children have chosen to have all their learning linked to art. Each week the children’s learning will be focused around a particular famous artist – from Van Gough to Picasso. The children will be writing persuasive adverts for the art work, setting descriptions and recounts throughout the term. They will be creating their own versions of the paintings using their imitation muscles and different forms of art medium. Eventually, their Christmas art work will be available to buy at the Christmas fayre. In maths, we will be focusing greatly on addition and subtraction as well as continuing to learn our times tables. It would be great for the children to keep practising their 3, 4, 6 tables at home as much as possible. With Mrs Corbett, the children will continue to carry out scientific investigations. The children will continue to have spelling homework each week and this will play an important part during the school day too. Looking forward to an exciting Christmas term!

Many thanks, Mrs Cox

Term 1 – The Ancient Greeks

Welcome to Year 4 with Mrs Cox and Miss Corbett. This term the children have decided to start the year by learning about the Ancient Greeks. We will be listening to and learning about the Greek mythical story ‘Perseus and Medusa’! The children will create some mythical art linked to the story as well as creating their own versions of the story to share with another class. The children will also have the chance to be filmed reading their story and it will be shared on the school website. We will become food critics and will try Greek food before writing pieces to describe exactly what they thought of the food and why- hopefully we will want to persuade someone to try the food too! In science the children will be investigating all about sound- with many experiments to explore and understand all parts of sound. In Maths, we will be spending some time on our P.Pod sales and working out how much the ingredients will cost and the amount we will need to sell the product in order to make a profit- lots of real life learning will be taking place.  In DT we will be learning about and creating our own Ancient Greek pillars as well as researching Greek architecture and buildings, whilst using the internet safely. Our values this term is ‘Friendship’, we will be focusing on this greatly throughout all our learning and will have dedicated value time to think about the true meaning of friendship.

Class priorities

Maths– to know multiplication and division facts for multiplication tables up to 12 x 12.

Spelling– Use the first two or three letters of a word to check its spelling in a dictionary.

Punctuation– Use commas after fronted adverbials and to mark clauses in a complex sentence.

Handwriting– Ensure handwriting is legible. Ensure that the down strokes of letters are parallel.