Year 3


Mrs Amy Jewell

Year 3 Class Teacher

Welcome to Year 3!

Term 3 – From Field to Fork

This term, Year 3 will be learning all about food. We will investigate where our food comes from, learn to make some different healthy foods and find out about jobs in the food industry.
The children will start the term by making smoothies and writing instructions so that they can share the recipe at home. After that, we will move on to focus on story writing, developing our vocabulary and sentence structure to write different stories linked to our food topic. Throughout all of their writing this term, Year 3 will be focusing on proofreading and improving their own writing.
In Maths, the children will continue developing their understanding of multiplication and division, using these to solve problems inspired by our topic work. Once their understanding of division is secure, we will move on to fractions. We will also be using and interpreting charts and graphs to help us with some market research leading up to our Peapod in Week 4.
Each week, we will cover a different area of the curriculum linked to our topic. In Science, we will investigate how plants grow. Our Geography work will involve fieldwork in our local area and finding out more about other countries including India. We will try cooking some Indian food in DT, and find out more about the countries where some of our favourite foods come from in ICT. Linking to our work on India, we will learn about Hinduism in RE and investigate Indian art and music.
As well as all of this, the children will be very excited to share their Year 3 learning with you in our assembly in week 3.
As usual, PE will continue on Monday afternoons.
I was really impressed last term to see some children reading at home nearly every day. This has a huge impact on their progress in school, and it would be great to see everyone reading regularly at home this term.
This term, we will be focusing on these targets linked to our School Priorities:
• Proofreading for spelling and punctuation errors.
• Joining our handwriting.
• Writing and calculating multiplication and division facts.
If you have any questions about your child’s learning, please come and see me.
Mrs Jewell

Term 2: Space Explorers

Year 3 will be taking a journey through space in their learning this term. Building towards transforming our classroom into a space and science museum at the end of term, the children will be focusing on non-chronological reports in writing. They will carry out their own research and write information to help others learn about space. Throughout this writing, the children will be doing lots of drama activities and speaking and listening to help them practise using the language of non-chronological reports.
In ICT, as well as carrying out research for their writing, the children will be learning how to develop their own space-inspired game using Scratch.
We will be covering lots of Science this term, looking at our key skills related to forces and light and dark. This will include lots of practical investigations where the children will learn to plan and carry out fair tests. All of our Science learning will be inspired by our space topic, with lots of inspiration coming from a brilliant short film called ‘Invasions’, which tells the story of an alien visiting Earth.
The children will also be designing and making their own Christmas decorations in DT, and creating some space-inspired artwork.
In Maths, we will be focusing on mastering subtraction, multiplication and division. Our multiplication and division work later in the term will be focused on learning and applying times tables. You could help your child to get a head start at home by practising their times tables at home. Learning any of the 2, 5, 10, 3 or 4 times tables will be hugely helpful. TT Rockstars is a fun way of practising tables at home.
Our values this term are kindness (November) and patience (December). The children will take part in different discussions and activities each week in class to develop their understanding of these values. Remember to send in a Values Wow slip if you notice your child using these values at home – we love to celebrate this!
PE will continue on Mondays this term, so remember to send your child to school in their PE kit on these days.
It has been fantastic to see so many children reading regularly at home at the start of Year 3. Children reading at least three times a week will have the chance to win Starbooks Friday, even if they have already won before.

This term, we will be focusing on these targets linked to our school priorities:
Using accurate punctuation, including inverted commas to punctuate direct speech.
Using reasoning to solve problems.
As always, please come and see me if you have any questions.
Mrs Jewell

Term 1: Tell Me A Dragon

This term, Year 3’s learning will focus on dragons and other mythical creatures. Inspired by ‘Tell Me A Dragon’, a wonderful picture book, the children will be imagining their own magical settings and dragons, writing dragon bedtime stories to perform and share. We will also be writing dragon poems and inventing mythical creatures in a non-chronological report.

Linked to our dragon topic, we will be reading ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ as our class novel. The children will have the chance to look at this book more closely in guided reading. We will also be investigating the lives of the Vikings in history, finding out whether the story is true to real life!

The children will develop their ICT skills, focusing on finding and presenting information to support their project learning. ICT will also be used in geography as we use digital mapping to investigate suitable dragon habitats. There will also be plenty of dragon-inspired music and artwork!

In maths, we will be focusing on securing place value, addition and subtraction. The children will be challenged to solve different problems applying their new skills. We will also have regular times tables practise through games and challenges.

PE will be on Monday afternoons, so remember to make sure your child comes to school in their PE kit on this day.

It would be a huge benefit to your child if you can read at home at least 3 times a week. There will be weekly certificates for children achieving this challenge.

This term, we will be working on Writing and Maths targets linked to our School Priorities:

  • Making our handwriting more consistent.
  • Spelling homophones.
  • Counting from 0 in multiples of 4 and 8.

Please come and see me if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s learning.

Mrs Jewell