Reception Class


Ms Nicola Copp

Reception Class Teacher


Term 3 – This term our topic will be… ‘Wonderful Water’.

We will be talking about how water makes up about 70 percent of the world and can be found in different forms such as: ponds, seas, rivers, and icebergs. We will also learn how water is sometimes salty and other times fresh, why we need it and how it is important to our bodies.

We will read lots of different fiction books linked to animals that live in the water to help support our first value of ‘Self Respect’ (January) and then our second value’ Curiosity’ (February). We will also learn about naming and sounding out letters of the alphabet as part of our reading priority.

In science we will be investigating freezing water, floating and sinking and whilst reading stories like ‘Tadpoles Promise’ we will learn about the life cycle of a frog. We are also hoping to arrange a trip to the Aquarium.

Our writing priority is – To break the flow of speech into words. There will be lots of opportunities to practise this in our writing this term as we write the ending to a nonsense poem called ‘My fish is… ‘, write signs to keep us safe around water and label animals found on Noah’s Ark.

Our maths priority is to Find one more and one less than a given number. We will start the term by learning about teen numbers and counting forward and backwards to 20. We will then use the language more, less, fewest and fewer and begin to add and subtract.

Our class assembly is on Friday 8th February and we hope you will join us in the hall at 9.10 am and then come and learn all about ‘Values’ with us in the classroom after.

Term 2 – This term our topic will be… ‘It’s Time to Celebrate.’

This term we will be looking at a variety of different celebrations such as: Halloween, Bonfire Night, Diwali, Remembrance, Birthdays and Christmas. We will investigate different ways to celebrate i.e. through attending parties, making food, cleaning the house, wearing special clothes and giving presents.
We will read lots of different books about celebrations some fiction and others non-fiction and use words like title, blurb, author, page, character when we are discussing books. We will start by reading stories like Meg and Mog, and Room on the Broom to inspire us to write spells. Then we will make potions using the language full, empty, half full.
We will celebrate Bonfire Night by looking at different fireworks, copying the way these move in our dance and learning lots of wow words like explode and fizzle. Following this we will be learning how Diwali, the festival of light, is celebrated. In science we will explore light and dark and make shadow puppets.
Our maths priority is linked to shapes this term – To begin to use mathematical names for solid 3D and flat 2D shapes, and mathematical terms to describe them. We will start by looking at 2D shapes and make Rangoli patterns when we celebrate Diwali. Then, later in the term when we celebrate Christmas we will be wrapping up and posting 3D shapes for Christmas presents. We will start to use the language sides, edges, vertices, round, curved and straight.
Our writing priority is – To use some clearly identifiable letters to communicate meaning. There will be lots of opportunities to write this term, including letters to Santa and lists of food we want to bring to the Christmas party.
Our values of the month are ‘Kindness’ in November and ‘Patience’ in December.

Term 1 – This term our topic will be…  ‘Courageous Me!’

As an introduction to school life we will be looking at things the children like about their new school, discussing things they are looking forward to and addressing any concerns they might have.  We will be examining how we become a class family and comparing this to our families at home.

Our values of the month are ‘Courage’ in September and ‘Appreciation’ in October.  We will start by discussing how we are using the value ‘Courage’ as we start school. As we move into October and we start looking at Harvest and will be thinking about how we can appreciate the families and food we have.

As we explore we will be discussing the five senses touch, sight, taste, smell and hearing.  Please help your child by reinforcing this at home.  In school we will be participating in activities such as food tasting and going on a listening walk.  These are things you can also do when walking or visiting different places; stop and discover what noises you can hear and what could be making them.

We will be reading the stories ‘Titch’ and ‘We’re going on a picnic!’ by Pat Hutchins. We will also read lots of books with rhyming words to see if the children can hear and understand rhyme. On national poetry day we will be reading the poem, ‘When I grow up.’

As part of our maths, we will be learning many number rhymes and counting at first to ten and then to twenty.  You can help your child by continuously counting- e.g. the number of cars that drive past, houses in the street, steps, stairs etc. We will also be counting objects making sure we only touch one object at a time. This ties in with our priority ‘To Count up to 20 objects with 1:1 correspondence.’

Our first writing priority is for the children to write their own name.  For some children this may mean initially recognising their name as they choose what to have for lunch, then beginning to form the letters in their name as we learn them.  Some children may already be able to write their name, but not form all the letters correctly and this is something we will work on.  For other children it might be that they learn to write their first and surname and use it to write on their work or log on to the computer in the ICT suite.

We look forward to an exciting first term at school. As always, if you would like to talk to us about any aspect of your child’s learning then feel free to ask.