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Information about PE at College Road Primary School Sep 2019
Primary Indoor Athletics 

Some of our Year 5 and 6 children recently took part in an Indoor Athletics competition against other schools, which was held at the Life Centre.  They competed in a variety of different track and field events.

They had a few weeks of training in school with Miss Samphier and the Plymouth Argyle team. This enabled them to find out which events they would be good at and to prepare for them really well.

Although they didn’t win the competition, they all tried their best and really enjoyed the afternoon.

Friday Challenge

Every Friday, one of the P.E leaders decides on a game to be played at lunch time. That child gets the opportunity to set up and run the game independently for the whole school to take part in. It could be a multi skills style team game or an individual activity like a penalty shootout.

Allotment News

Over the last 2 terms Miss Samphier has taken a number of children from each class out to the allotment. They have been busy doing the weeding and clearing out the allotment so that it is ready to go when the time is right. The colder weather has also given them the opportunity to discuss and decide on what they would like to grow as the weather gets warmer. They have also been focusing their efforts on the flower beds that surround the Quad and getting them ready for a new crop of flowers.

Bike It Crew News

To try and promote a healthy lifestyle for all of our children, our bike it crew have come up with some ideas on how we can travel to school more sustainably. At College Road we encourage the children to participate in “Wheelie Wednesday”. This is when the children come to school every Wednesday on their bikes or scooters. The children can earn house points and catch me tickets for taking part.

Ryan Evans came into school and ran a Dr Bike It surgery. Children brought in their bikes so that they could be checked. Ryan worked on a lot of bikes from Foundation to Year 6, and dealt with issues such as changing the brake cables and brake lights. The purpose of this workshop was to teach the children how to maintain their bikes which, hopefully, will encourage more children to ride their bikes to school. The school has also had a new bike rack fitted, which provides shelter for the bikes.


We have lots of exciting sport and health clubs available this term to children across the school.

These clubs include:-

Fitness blast – a circuit based fitness routine, where the children move around to different stations. At each station is a different work out, for example a push up, plank, squat etc.

Skipping club – where the children get to skip on their own and as a team. They also compete against each other to see who can do the most skips.

Football – This is one of our most popular clubs, because of this, we run the same club on two different days. We run the club on Monday after school for Foundation to Y3 and Thursday for Y4, 5 & 6. Both clubs are run by Plymouth Argyle and work on advancing the children’s football skills. We also have a school football team who take part in inter-school football competitions.

Gifted and talented cricket – This is a special 6 week club offered to children in years 4, 5 & 6 who show great potential in cricket. This club is designed to really challenge these children and to help make them better cricket players.

Dodgeball – This is a very popular after school club where the children get together and get the chance to play Dodgeball in the playground.

Girls cricket – A chance for girls to learn and play cricket. They will also get the opportunity to compete in different competitions around Plymouth.

Boys cricket – A chance for boys to learn and play cricket. They will also get the opportunity to compete in different competitions around Plymouth.

Let’s Cook Healthy – This is a healthy eating club where children learn to make various different healthy meals. The idea is that they take the recipe home and make it again with their parents at home.

Rowing Day

A Plymouth Schools Sports Partnership coach came into school recently to teach year 5 and 6 children how to use indoor rowing machines and to do some competitions within their year groups. The children were also taught how to set up and pack away the equipment quickly and safely by using their collaborating muscle. The two years really enjoyed the activity and we were able to select a few children that would be put forward for external competitions against other schools. These children will also have the opportunity to receive additional training from a coach, to improve their technique.

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