Nan Hu meets College Road Primary! July 2017 🙂 

Nan Hu Primary School came to visit College Road primary school for two days during the summer term; and what a spectacular two days it was! During the first day the children were immersed into the college road way of learning. The children took part in a range of lessons, such as, reading, science, art, English, maths, PE and much, much more! Both the Nan Hu pupils and College Road pupils thoroughly enjoyed this day! As well as this, the children played and interacted together at play and lunch times, both managing to practice their Mandarin and English skills.

On the second day the Nan Hu pupils took workshops based around their culture for the College Road children. These workshops included; calligraphy, Chinese pop dance, Chinese singing and martial arts. The workshops were brilliantly delivered by the Chinese children and the college road children had a fantastic time whilst learning a vast amount about the Chinese culture. During the evening of the second day a group of College Road children and Nan Hu children all went out and ate together at the restaurant ‘Pan Asia’. This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to communicate with one another in both Mandarin and English. The children had a wonderful time and even helped one another with the chop sticks!

What the children think 🙂

“I really love to learn Mandarin with Miss Li because she explains different Chinese characters very clearly. I have enjoyed learning about my family members as I can go home and practice with my family.”

“The Nan Hu students visited our school. On Thursday, we showed them how we learn at our school. On Friday, the children showed us their Chinese culture and how they learn in China. It was extremely fun!”

“I love learning Mandarin with Miss Li at school. I particularly enjoyed it when we learnt the different jobs in Mandarin because Miss Li uses different games to help us learn which is extremely fun.”

“I really enjoyed going to the restaurant with the Chinese children. They showed me how to use chop sticks”.

Mandarin at College Road!

Since 2011 commencing from foundation all the way through to Year 6 the children at College Road have had the exciting opportunity to learn Mandarin! As a school we have a close link with the Confucius Classroom based at DHSG, a school that specialises in languages. Our link has provided the children with the opportunity to be taught Mandarin on a weekly basis by a qualified teacher from China, Miss Li This takes place across foundation, KS1 and KS2 and has allowed the children to make great progress in the speaking of Mandarin, Pinyin, Chinese writing and understanding of the Chinese culture and daily life. The children have a great time learning Mandarin and thoroughly enjoy their learning with Miss Li. Miss Li has now finished her time at College Road Primary School and has returned to continue her teaching in China. Miss Chen, also a qualified teacher from China, will now continue to carry out the fantatsic learning the children did with Miss Li.

Successful Links and Goals!

As well as a qualified Mandarin teacher we have trained staff across the school who can deliver the teaching of Mandarin at an effective standard. Therefore as a school we aim to become a hub for the teaching of Mandarin for Plymouth and the south west- as of now ourselves are the only Primary Schools in Devon to teach the language Mandarin. As a school we aim to provide other schools with training days provided by our trained teachers and resources we currently have to offer.  Schools interested will have the opportunity to come and observe the teaching of Mandarin in both KS1 and KS2 to support their development. We have the resources to provide schools with trained teachers from our school to go to other schools and teach their children for a session as well as bringing our own children to demonstrate their learning and enjoyment of the language. With all these resources, training opportunities and close links with vital international partnerships we aim to increase the teaching of Mandarin across Plymouth and the South West considerably.

We have a close partnership with another primary school-Stuart Road. Our partnership with this school began with our keen and common interest in the teaching of Mandarin across primary schools. We both visited china in 2009 and became part of the international partnership. Some of our children and Stuart Roads children took part in an exchange to China for a week. It is from here that we both became involved with the Confucius Classroom and now share the qualified Chinese speaking teacher, Miss Li; we stay in close contact through letters, personal visits and email. As a school we take part in joint projects and visits for both the staff and children.

School Recognition!

As a school we have been recognised for our teaching of languages and have recently gained the International Schools Award for the 3rd time.


Email Links- Nan Hu Pen Pals!  

A group of our children in year 5 have been taking part in a very exciting opportunity. Alongside Mrs Cox, the children have been emailing several childen from Nan Hu primary school. The children have exchanged several emails so far, and as well as the emailing allowing the children to practice and improve their writing, they have also found out a great deal about life in China. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this experience so far and we hope to continue it on a larger scale throughout the next acadmeic year.


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