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Governance arrangements

Board of Governors:

Mr James Richard Warwick – Term: 17/11/2020

Mrs Carina Melanie Francis-McLeod – Term: N/A Headteacher

Mrs Samantha Lee-Ann Brown – Term: N/A Clerk

Mrs Lindsey-Jane Clements – Term: 30/08/2023

Mrs Emma Cox – Term: 12/12/2021

Mrs Sarah Lees – Term: 25/09/2020

Mrs Jacqueline May Wain – Term: 30/08/2023

Mrs Victoria Eccles – Term: 02/05/2023

Mrs Hannah Massey – Term: 16/05/2021

Mrs Alexandra Caroline Blom – Term: 05/02/2023

Mr Nicholas Head – Term: 30/08/2023

Mr Usman Tariq – Term: 13/07/2023

Mrs Hannah Rolfe – Term N/A Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Nicola Copp – Term N/A Assistant Headteacher


Finance and Personnel Committee:

Mr J R Warwick (Chair) – LEA

Mrs C Francis-McLeod – Headteacher

Mrs S Brown – Clerk to Governors

Mrs E Cox – Staff Governor

Mrs S Lees – Foundation Trust Governor

Mrs V Eccles – Parent Governor

Mrs A Blom – Foundation Trust Governor

Mr N Head – Co-opted Governor

Learning and Environment Committee:

Mrs J Wain (Chair) – Co-opted Governor

Mrs C Francis-McLeod – Headteacher

Mrs S Brown – Clerk to Governors

Mrs L Clements – Co-opted Governor

Mrs H Massey – Parent Governor

Mr U Tariq – Parent Governor

Mrs H Rolfe – Associate Governor

Mrs N Copp – Associate Governor

Governors annual declaration of pecuniary interest

Name of Governors
Mr J Warwick (Chair)
Director South West Plymouth Education Trust
Mrs C Francis-Mcleod (Headteacher)
Director South West Plymouth Education Trust
Director Lignum Designs
Mrs S Brown
Company Secretary of the South West Plymouth Education Trust
Mrs L Clements
Mrs E Cox
Mrs S Lees
Mr U Tariq
Mrs J Wain
Mrs V Eccles
Mrs H Massey
Mrs A Blom
Green Tree Media Ltd
Mr N Head
Mrs N Copp
Mrs H Rolfe

Updated February 2020


Governor Meetings attended    Out of a possible   
Mr J Warwick 3 6
Mr J Wallace 7 8
Mrs S Brown (Clerk) 5 5
Mrs L Clements 3 5
Mrs H Massey 2 5
Mrs S Lees 6 6
Mrs J Wain 2 5
Mrs V Eccles 4 6
Mrs E Cox 4 6
Mrs A Blom 5 6
Mr N Head 2 5
Mrs C Francis-McLeod 4 5
Mrs D Mitrache 2 5


Governor Meetings attended      Out of a possible  
Mr J Warwick 6 6
Mr J Wallace 8 9
Mrs S Brown (Clerk) 6 6
Mrs L Clements 6 6
Miss L Corbett 2 2
Mrs S Lees 4 6
Mrs J Wain 4 6
Mrs V Eccles 5 6
Mrs E Cox 3 4
Mrs A Blom 6 6
Mr N Head 3 6
Mrs C Francis-McLeod 6 6
Mrs H Massey 4 6
Mrs D Mitrache 5 5

College Road Primary School Governance Plan

Instrument of Government
Instrument of Government 2015

Current list of College Road Governing body:

Governor list

Governors annual statement to parents:

Governors annual statement 2019

Governing body structure:
Governing Body Structure November 2019

Governing body Committees:

Committees 19-20

Governors visit policy:

Governors visit policy

Governors code of conduct:
Code of conduct

Governors body terms of reference:

Terms of Reference

Minutes from governing body meetings:

Full Governors meeting 28th November 2019 minutes

Minutes Learning&Environment 31st October 2019

Finance & Personnel minutes 10th October 2019

Full Governors meeting 11th July 2019 minutes

Minutes Learning&Environment 20th June 2019 CANCELLED

Finance & Personnel minutes 6 June 2019

Full Governors meeting 14th March 2019 minutes

Minutes Learning&Environment 28 Feb 19

Finance & Personnel minutes 7th February 2019

Full Governors meeting 15th November 2018 minutes

Governor letter 31.10.18 (L&E meeting not quorate)

Finance & Personnel minutes 4th October 2018

Full Governors meeting 12th July 2018

Learning & Environment minutes 21 June 2018

Finance & Personnel minutes 7th June 2018

Full Governors meeting 15th March 2018

Learning & Environment minutes 22 February 2018

Finance & Personnel minutes 1 February 2018

For any Governing Body queries please contact Mrs Sam Brown in the school office who is the Clerk to the Governors.

01752 567660 (option 3)