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At College Road we take a flexible and creative approach to learning. We have designed a skills-based, exciting curriculum which has learning at its’ heart, centred on the Building Learning Powers initiative developed by Guy Claxton. In addition to this, we are committed to involving the children, parents and governors of the school in helping staff to construct our curriculum, via the ‘Real MAD Voices’ group.

At College Road, each class decides their own topics and projects for each term, and at least 75% of learning opportunities are cross-curricular. For this reason, there is no set project/ topic cycle – this changes every year to reflect the interests of the children and staff. For details of each year group’s learning and topics, please see our website’s ‘Year pages’ section.
We do of course recognise that our curriculum reflects the need to equip the children with basic skills; we believe the best way to do this is to provide real and exciting opportunities to apply this learning. We have amalgamated the skills, knowledge and attitudes the children need by arranging our curriculum and its’ leadership into 7 Areas of Learning;

·         English
·         Maths
·         Understanding the Arts
·         Scientific, Geographical and Historical Understanding
·         Computing
·         PE and Health
·         Modern Foreign Languages (Mandarin & French)

Religious Education is broadly based on the Plymouth, Devon and Torbay syllabus.  We aim to teach children about many of the major world faiths with an emphasis on Christianity. We aim for pupils to develop an appreciation of the importance and value of faith for many people and to give them an opportunity to reflect upon their own values. Should a parent wish to withdraw a child from RE, they should consult the headteacher.

Appreciation and understanding of music is taught through topic work and the development of musical creativity is encouraged.  Our Y4 class currently receive one hour’s ukulele tuition a week, together with their teacher. Instrumental tuition is available to individual children.
Our curriculum embraces British values across all areas, and we have a very strong commitment to involvement and democracy via eg. our School Council, RMV, E-safety group and School Food Group – children are fully involved and often lead decision making in the school.

If you would like any further information please contact Mr J Wallace.

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