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Year 5 Class Teacher

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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Term 4

This term the Year 5 class will be learning about The Maya. We are going to be taking a step back in time to find out when and where this ancient civilisation lived. Using our mapping key skills, we will be locating the countries on the world map and then using grid referencing to locate particular places. Towards the end of the term, we will be making a selection of Mayan food and inviting the parents in to taste it – we look forward to seeing you and will keep you posted on the date!

In English, we will be having a debate about the banana trade and then writing a discussion text about it. We will also be writing our own stories based around The Maya.

This term in maths, we are focusing on fractions. We will be revising our knowledge of fractions and learning new skills to find equivalent fractions along with adding and subtracting them and finding fractions of amounts. I am sure a chocolate bar or two will be involved when we are learning the ‘chocolate bar’ method for fractions!

We are very lucky to be working with Sally Crabtree again this term who will be coming in to help the children create poems around various themes. She is an amazing local author and we always enjoy her sessions. Along with this, we will be selling bread from the Pea Pod, celebrating World Book Day and planning our class assembly.

Term 3

This term we will be learning about:

I’m a pupil…get me out of here!

This term, the fantastic year 5 class have chosen to learn about rainforests and in particular, South America. We will be researching where in the world rainforests are located and what plants and animals live there. In English, we will be writing fact sheets about different animals and also preparing a discussion text about Fair Trade and the people it affects. We will learn about deforestation and the effect this is having on the world and how we can help change the situation. Maths this term is based around improving our division skills and revising area and perimeter. On top of this, every week we shall be having PAFC come and work with the class as part of their Sport Move project, which will teach the children about healthy choices and why it is important to be fit and healthy. They will also have the opportunity to learn new team games and skills throughout the weeks.

Term 2

This term we will be learning about:

Year 5 have chosen to learn about…….Disney this term. This ties in brilliantly with an exciting event which is taking place in Y5 – a production of the Pantomime, Aladdin! We are currently working hard in rehearsals and look forward to performing it for you towards the end of term. In preparation for this, we will be designing tickets, creating advertising posters and producing programmes. We have started the term by learning about the different Disney parks and writing a biography about Walt Disney. In maths, we have used our multiplication skills to work out how many people visit the Disney parks on a weekly basis. We will also be working out the cost of a holiday to Florida and the Disney Parks. With the temperatures falling we will use this opportunity to learn about negative numbers. In art, we are going to improve our ability to draw portraits and will hopefully create some pop art based around the work of Roy Lichtenstein.

Term 1

Are you wondering what the Year 5’s at College Road Primary School are learning this term? Then read on and you will find out.

This term we have chosen the topic title ‘Soar’.  We will be learning about everything to do with flight and aviation.  We will begin the term by learning about the history of aviation and making a time line to show how air travel has changed over the years. In English, we will be learning about the Wright Brothers and using the information to write an information text about them.  Later in the term we will be making paper airplanes and seeing which design flies the furthest. In maths, we will then measure how far they have flown and convert the distance to different measures. When learning about planes, we will be investigating thrust and gravity to see how they fly. We are also looking forward to making kites and working out the perimeter and area of them before we attempt to fly them.

During this term there will be 2 special days. The first is Roald Dahl day to celebrate his 100th birthday and the second is National Poetry Day. Remember to look in the playground for lots of lovely poems (if the weather is dry!)

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