Mrs Lucy Dinham

Year 3 Class Teacher

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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Term  3

Brilliant Bodies!

This term we will be learning about how brilliant our bodies are and how best to keep them well and healthy. This will include learning about the roles of our eyes and light; our skeletons and muscles and also our brains!

We will be reading a class book about an alien, who has to live in a human body, when he visits earth! He is not very impressed with the human body and moans a lot about it! Our writing will be based around convincing the alien how brilliant our bodies really are! We will be using lots of Year 3 key skills to do this.

Within our maths learning we will be focusing on multiplication, as well as looking at angles and lines.

As well as this, We hope to create a piece of music to accompany the Funny Bones story, which we may be able to share with you in our class assembly on Friday 2nd February!

Finally, in week 6 we will be opening the pea pod and selling something tasty, that the children will be planning.

Thank you for your continued support. Please pop in and see me at any point if you would like to know more.

Many Thanks

Mrs Dinham

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