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Year 3 Class Teacher

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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Term 6  

It's all about the Game!

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During our final term in year 3, our learning will be centred on sport! In week 4 we have a wonderful sports week and sports day, so our topic will fit in nicely! Also, as you know, the World Cup and Wimbledon are nearly upon us, so that will be an inspiration for our learning too!

Most of our writing this term will be about a wonderful little animation by Nike, called ‘The Last Game’ which is about the future of football. We are going to write discussion texts, thinking about if risks in sports are a good thing, diary entries and newspaper reports.

In Maths, we shall be learning a little about types of lines, which we can link to sports pitches, as well as time and money. We will investigate the amount of time players put into their sport and also the amount of money they get paid to do it.

In our project learning we will be finding out more about the water cycle and its role in sports, comparing how things move on different surfaces and thinking about the geography of different countries that are being represented in the World Cup or Wimbledon.

It should be an exciting term!

Many thanks for all your support and please come and see me if you have any questions.

Mrs Dinham


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