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Year 1 Class Teacher

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Year 1

Welcome to Year One!

Term 4 – Dinosaur Rompus

This term, year 1 have chosen to learn about Dinosaurs. Over the coming weeks, the children will be using a range of different sources in order to answer their own questions such as; When did dinosaurs live? Where did different dinosaurs live? How do we know what dinosaurs looked like? As part of their learning, the children will be exploring a range of fossils and creating their own using different materials such as salt dough. We will be exploring a range of fictional texts this term, including ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ which will give the children the opportunity to innovate the text and create their own ‘We’re Going on a Dinosaur Hunt’ version using language created whilst exploring different habitats.

Maths learning will involve exploring 2D and 3D shapes, naming, recognising and describing them whilst creating shape models of different dinosaurs. Much of this term will be focussed on measures, providing children with the opportunity to use non-standard measures such as cubes, shoes, hands, compare bears to compare the lengths of different artefacts linked to our topic. Some children may begin to use rulers to measure more accurately to the nearest centimetre and will use language to describe them.

The children also decided that they would like to find out more about volcanoes, where they can be found and how they are formed. They will be taking part in a range of investigative activities to help answer these questions including science experiments to portray what happens when a volcano erupts and creating 3D paper mache versions.

Term 3

This term our Year 1 topic is Germs, Germs and more Germs.

The children have chosen to explore the world of germs, finding out whether all germs are bad, where you can find germs and how they can be spread. Throughout the topic, the children will be conducting many experiments in order to answer these questions using their planning muscles. 

The topic will provide lots of opportunities for art learning, as the children will be creating their own ‘Germ’ character. By investigating the different types, each germ will be given it’s only identity as a good or bad character. The children will use materials such as clay, paint and pastels in order to recreate these as both 2D and 3D pieces of art.

Once created, the children will use their characters within their English learning, writing character descriptions and stories. They will be planning wanted posters and using the computers in order to create the final versions.

In addition to this, the children will be learning the importance of washing hands properly by conducting a range of experiments to investigate what happens if this is not done. They will use this learning in order to learn and write instructions to teach the rest of the school and will be displayed in each classroom and toilet as a reminder.

Our PE sessions will continue to take place on a Tuesday and Friday this term. Once again the children are encouraged come to school wearing their PE kits on these days.

Term 2

This term Year 1’s topic is ‘Everything Frozen’. The children have chosen to use the story of Frozen as our stimulus. From this they will be looking at characters from the story, writing character descriptions and creating their own Troll characters to take part in the story.

In addition to the Frozen story, the children will be becoming more familiar with the changes in seasons. They will be exploring how darkness is made and using this to create a shadow puppet theatre. As part of our DT learning, the children will be designing and making shadow puppets of the character’s from Frozen to help retell the story.

We will be starting to look at the United Kingdom and its countries on a map and then identifying the North and South Poles in an atlas. The children have chosen to research the experiences of Famous Explorers such as Shackleton and will be writing diary entries using their empathy learning muscles. Linked to this, the children will also be finding out about the way in which Intuit people live. After having researched topic ideas, the children would like to collaborate to create an igloo role play. If parents or relatives have any empty clean 4 pint plastic milk bottles they would be very much appreciated!  

Term 1 – Land of Lego

This term the topic that the children have chosen is titled ‘Land of Lego’. The children will be designing and creating new Lego characters which will star in their own stories and comics. Each week our characters will take part different adventures as part of our Welly Walks on a Friday. The children will follow up this learning by constructing comic strips and stories to record their adventures. In addition to this, the children will learn to recognise different parts of the school on a map to record the routes taken. Our PE learning will involve playing games using compass vocabulary such as North, South, East and West.

This term the children will be undertaking several different investigations, using their planning muscles to decide how they could find out the answer to a question. This will start with find out whether Lego men float on oil and water.

As part of our ICT learning the children will be becoming more independent logging on to the computers as well as gaining confidence when opening different programs. They will also be learning how to stay safe when using the Internet.

PE sessions will take place on a Friday this term. The children are able to wear their school PE kit to school in the mornings for the whole day.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

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