Ms Rebecca Stone

Year 1 Class Teacher

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Year 1

Welcome to Year One!

Term 1 - Moon Zoom!

This term the topic that the children have chosen is titled ‘Moon Zoom!’. The children will be learning about the historic first Moon Landing in 1969, and will be reading lots of funny stories based upon space and aliens visiting the Earth. To reinforce our knowledge we will be role-playing and writing a recount of Neil Armstrong's epic rocket journey, and will write a story with the Moon as a fantasy setting. In all our writing we will be focusing on 'super sentences' - saying the words aloud and then writing each one with a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop. We will set up a shop and sell moon stones and crystals, like Bob in ‘Man on the Moon’, practising counting, adding and subtracting, and understanding coins. Having watched old news clips of the Moon Landing celebrations, we will be using our planning muscles to organise our own 'Moon Party', re-enacting how people gathered together to watch in awe and wonder.

In Science the children will think about the differences between our human bodies and the bodies of aliens we find in storybooks - our faces, body parts, and senses. How would we explain all this to a visiting alien who knew nothing about humans? In D.T. children will be using their imagining and planning muscles to design a split-pin alien, who will play a part in our story-telling.  PE learning will involve dance lessons based rocket journeys and moon landings, and collaborative games working on our sending and receiving skills with beanbags and balls.

As part of our ICT learning the children will be becoming more independent logging on to the computers as well as gaining confidence when opening different programs. They will also be learning how to stay safe when using the Internet.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!


Download Y1 T1 Layered Targets for the website.pdf