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Term 2 - ‘Let’s Celebrate’

Our topic for term 2 is all about different celebrations from different cultures. Each week we will be exploring the different celebrations such as; Halloween, Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night, Diwali, Remembrance, Sangha, Thanks Giving, Ashura, Advent, Birthdays, Christmas and Hanukkah.

As the nights are drawing in we will also be having a road safety week where we will looking at important safety ideas such as ‘Be Safe Be Seen’.

At the end of the term we will be having a big focus on Christmas. Parents will be invited to watch the nativity and attend a Christmas fair where we will be selling items hand made by the children. Money raised will go to each class to spend on resources.


Reading with your child

During the first term, we were focusing on phonic recognition, this term we will be concentrating on blending these sounds together to form words. It is important that when you listen to your child read, you sign the diary so we can see how many times children are reading at home; three times a week is the recommended minimum. Once your child is confident with their ‘reading book’ please ensure that you place books in the wooden tray by the door. We will do our best to change books on the same day that we receive them.  We will continue to change library books weekly, on a Friday. 

Writing with your child 

We will be encouraging the children to write their name independently. If they can already write their first name please encourage them to learn surnames and/or hyphenated names i.e. Mary-Rose Smith. Please also use other opportunities to allow your child to show you their emergent writing (marks, letters and numbers), this could be helping you to write a shopping list and writing the sounds they hear in the words. Please encourage them to “play” write at home. 


This term we will be focusing on 1 more and 1 less, please help your child to be able to tell you a number that is one more or one less than another number. Use their counting knowledge to help with this; which number comes before/after.

We will also be looking at 2D shapes and their properties using language such as sides/edges, corners, round, curved, straight. 

In addition to this we will be comparing objects for weight using the language heavy, heavier, heaviest, light, lighter, lightest and equal/balanced.

Punctuality in the morning

During term 2 we would like to see the children becoming more independent when entering the classroom in the mornings. Please support your child by saying goodbye outside and allowing them to walk up the steps independently. We will be on hand to help them order lunches once they have sorted out their coats and bags. 

We will also be providing specific morning activities for each group as soon as the children enter the classroom at 8.35am. These activities will consolidate and extend your child’s learning in phonics, writing, and math as well as fine motor control. If your child is late they will be missing out on valuable learning time.

 Term 1

This term our topic will be…  ‘Marvellous Me!’

As an introduction to school life we will be looking at things your children like about their school, discussing things they are looking forward to and addressing any concerns they might have.  We will be examining how we become a class family and comparing this to our families at home. We have made our own class tree with photos from their first day at school and we will be creating a family tree using photos from home.

So please can the children bring in a photo of themselves as a baby and a family photo. They will act as a prompt for the children to talk about and share memories about their family and to talk about how they have changed and grown since being a baby. (We will photo copy them and return the originals to you).

As we explore we will be discussing the five senses touch, sight, taste, smell and hearing.  Please help your child by reinforcing this at home.  In school we will be participating in activities such as food tasting and going on a listening walk.  These are things you can also do when walking or visiting different places, stop and discover what noises they can hear and what could be making them.

We will be reading the stories ‘Titch’ and ‘Rosie’s Walk’ by Pat Hutchins. We will also read books with rhyming words to see if the children can hear and understand rhyme.

As part of our numeracy, we will be learning many number rhymes and counting at first to ten and then to twenty.  We will also be counting objects making sure we only touch one object at a time. You can help your child by continuously counting- e.g. the number of cars that drive past, houses in the street, steps etc.

We look forward to an exciting first term at school. As always if you would like to talk to us about any aspect of your child’s learning then feel free to ask.

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