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Year 6

YEAR 6!!!

Term 6 - ‘Now, that’s what I call music!’

Well, can you believe that we are already beginning Term 6? Where has the year gone?

This term, the children decided that they would like to focus on music. However, with car-building and racing and the preparation for and performance of our play at the Playhouse festival at the Theatre Royal, there will be a lot more besides music for the children to learn about this term!

English: persuasive letters asking for donations towards our car-racing hats; biographies of famous musicians; persuasive letters to parents about Playhouse tickets; thank you letters to our car-racing sponsors; newspaper-style recounts of race day.

Maths: fractions through music; time and data-analysis linked to car-racing; angles when car-building; measures when marking out the stage area for the play; Peapod maths.

Science: how sounds are made and understanding volume and pitch in music; investigations into the best materials to make a sound-proof recording studio; electric circuits linked to car-building.

Music: using the boom-whackers to play music involving chords; learning to read staff notation in order to play ‘Counting Stars’; composing and notating their own music to accompany the storm scene from our play; practising singing a range of songs for the music festival

Computing– Making music videos and learning to edit film together to create a finished product

DT – following detailed instructions to build the go-karts; using a range of tools; designing and making the exterior of each car.

Art: Pablo Picasso-inspired paintings combining Cubism and his Blue Period styles; designing front covers for the Playhouse Festival programme; creating Alberto Giacometti inspired sculptures and charcoal pictures of trees using perspective linked to Earth Jump day.

PE – creating a dance for the new Wake and Shake that the class will teach to the current Year 5 class at the end of term.

Dates for your diary:

Junior Life Skills trip – Monday 19th June

Car-Racing at Newquay Airport – Wednesday 21st June

Sports Day – Tuesday 27th June

Play performance at the Theatre Royal Drum Theatre – Friday 7th July

Music Festival – Wednesday 12th July

Possibly Class Picnic to the park as an end of year treat – Monday 24th July

Leaver’s Assembly and Prize-giving – Tuesday 25th July

Term 5 

The first half of Term 5 is Year 6’s time to shine as we apply all of our learning and demonstrate the incredible progress we have made in the run up to the SATs tests. Meanwhile, we will be rounding off our ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’ topic, combining our DT, writing and art skills. Following our carefully planned designs, we will be creating Japanese-inspired Tatebanko. Last term, we used a wealth of Learning Muscles to write our own emotive versions of the short film, ‘Replay’, which tells the story of siblings Lana and Theo who are survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. Since our writing was so captivating, we will be sharing it with others by publishing our work in our own books.

 Throughout all of this, we will be making sure we stay active by continuing with our skipping challenges!

 Dates for your diary:


SATs week – 8th May

Term 4 – ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’ – Continued…

Kensuke’s Kingdom will continue to be the stimulus for a lot of our learning this term, but it will have a different focus. As the character of Kensuke is originally from Nagasaki in Japan at the time of World War II, we will be learning about the history of Japan in the war and about the devastating effect of the atomic bomb on the city. Linked to this, we will be watching a beautiful short French animation called ‘Replay’ that addresses similar issues and then write a story based on the events in the film. Our music and art will all revolve around either the island that Kensuke lives on (rainforest soundscape compositions) or Japanese culture (songs in Japanese, cherry blossom paintings and traditional Tatebanko which will contain Haiku poems). In addition to story-writing (with flash-backs) and Haiku poetry, we will also be learning how to write biographies during the week of World Book Day (2nd March); fittingly, we will be finding out about Michael Morpurgo’s life and writing our biographies for his life.  Finally in English, we will be taking a part of the novel, ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ and learning how to turn it into a play script which we will then act out.

In maths we will be learning how to multiply and divide fractions, use percentages to help us interpret pie-charts and revise all we know about fractions, decimals and percentages. We will also learn about how to translate and reflect shapes across the axes on the 4 quadrant coordinate plane. Finishing the term, we will have a substantial focus on algebra, ratio, negative numbers and calculating with very large numbers.

ICT will be lots of fun when we learn how to use Power Point to make film-trailers for Kensuke’s Kingdom, adding music and movement to each slide so that it functions like a short film.

In science, we will be looking at the human circulatory system (linked to the film, ‘Replay’) and how nutrients are transported within animals (linked to the animals on the island in Kensuke’s Kingdom). We will also be thinking about the importance of exercise when we are learning lots of different skipping techniques in PE.

Throughout all that learning, we will also be doing plenty of preparation for SATs, as their tests are fast approaching!

Dates for your diary:

SATs week – 8th May

Term 3 – ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’

This term will be based on Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo and some of the places that the main character visits on his travels (Australia and Cape Town, South Africa). Along the way we will be doing lots of map-related learning including how to use keys on Ordnance Survey maps and how to read and write 6-figure grid references. We will put some of these skills in to practice by going for a walk up to the Block House and using maps of the local area to identify key features in Plymouth that we can see from our great vantage point. We will be comparing this with maps of Cape Town (also an ocean city) and then creating our own tourist-friendly artistic maps of Plymouth. To accompany our maps, we will be researching, planning and writing persuasive tourist brochures for Cape Town or Plymouth. To add to our understanding of South African culture, we will be learning how to do African dance, designing and making Zulu-inspired patterned plates, doing some African drumming and finding out about life in the shanty town outside Cape Town.  After that, we will be thinking about what it would have been like to be Michael’s parents and writing newspaper reports about his disappearance. In maths, we will be having a big push on shape and measure, concentrating on angles, angles within shapes and between intersecting lines, missing angles on lines and in shapes, perimeter, area and on converting between units of measure as well as a splash of time!

All that in 5 ½ weeks – phew, we will be very busy!

Dates for your diary:

Year 6 Class Assembly – Friday 27th January

Year 6 Peapod  – Thursday 9th February

Chinese Day – Wednesday 25th January

Term 2 – ‘Molten Magic’

This term will be all about dragons, mythical creatures and magic! Through the use of stories such as ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, ‘The Hobbit’ and films about dragons, the class will be improving their descriptive and story-writing skills, capitalising on the resources around them. They will be making books, to do some of their writing in and using art and DT skills to decorate them. In art we will be further exploring the use light and shade techniques when doing detailed drawings of Smaug’s eye (the dragon from The Hobbit). Linked to this, we will be learning about the human eye and light and how shadows are formed and then making shadow puppets to test our scientific theories. We will be thinking about how the discovery of dinosaur fossils may be how the myth of dragons began hundreds of years ago. During computing lessons, we will be using coding to design and make games linked to ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. Music will play a big part in our topic as we listen to and interpret ‘monstrous’ music, read poetry about dragons that has been made into songs and then learn and perform the songs.

Maths will have a number of foci; firstly we will be extending our understanding of fractions, percentages and decimals, but more importantly we will be using lots of different maths skills when designing and costing dragon-training arenas, when we do maths linked to cooking and the peapod and when planning our stall for the Christmas Fair.  Overall, this should be a fantastic term of magical learning, culminating in 2 weeks thinking about the magic of Christmas linked to the wonderful book, The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg.

Dates for your diary:

Year 6 Peapod – Friday 2nd December

Christmas Fair – Wednesday 14th December

Term 1

Welcome back to a new school year and a new term!

Deep, Dark Blue!

Year 6 are going to be very busy this term learning all about the world’s oceans. Our whole topic will be working towards creating a class book about the ocean containing fascinating facts, reports on amazing creatures, information about keeping safe on the beach and how to survive a tsunami, wonderful ocean-influenced art and persuasive texts about ecological issues.

We will be using maps and learning how to find places using 6-figure grid references using knowledge of the lines of longitude and latitude.  There will be lots of opportunity for practical investigations involving measuring – everything from time to mass and capacity! We will be designing our own aquariums using a range of mathematical skills.

Linked to all of this, we will be having a real push on the use of Building Learning Power and really getting deeper into how Learning Muscles help us.

Trips and events to look forward to:

  • We are planning some sort of ocean-related trip or visitors – watch this space for more details.
  • Tuesday 13th September is the ‘Roald Dahl Dress-Up Day’, so you may want to get planning a costume swiftly! Sorry it’s so early this year.
  • National Poetry Day (Thursday 6th October) will be a great opportunity for us to read and write poems about the sea through messages in bottles.

Download Year 6 Targets Term 4 2016-17.pdf

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